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Finding Friends at Assisted Living in Federal Way

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Not everyone approaches us out of dire need – most, but not all.

As an example, at one point, we were approached by a senior herself – that, on its own is uncommon as it’s usually the adult children who contact us – and she had been living independently for quite some time.

When she came to us, she wasn’t unfit or mentally unsound. In fact, she was much healthier than most her age. Truthfully, based on the assessment, she didn’t need senior care – not for quite some time anyway. There were no yellow flags like chronic health conditions, a history of falls, or even too many medications to monitor. What she wanted was something different, but offered by many senior living options all the same. She wanted friends.

Building a Social Network (Not Online)

This elderly woman was a regular socialite and not just in her heyday; friends, family, neighbors, they all knew her. She contributed to the neighborhood watch and helped drive her grandkids to school, participated in community events – her apple-cinnamon pie was renown within a 10-mile radius!

However, she mentioned that little by little, the people around her moved away. It started with her kids and grandkids. There was a job opportunity several states away and they took it. This cut out her involvement in the girls’ schools as well. Then, many of her friends and neighbors moved, not far – but far enough.

She came to us because she was tired of living independently, she wanted a social circle. She wanted a group of peers where she could participate in lively discussions and engaging activities. She wanted friends!

Of course, that’s a great reason to want to move and, should she – in ten years – require some care down the road, then she’s already set! So straight away, we went hunting for the perfect senior housing option.

Because our elder needed minimal care, we were looking into assisted living communities. Additionally, she had been known in the Federal Way area, so she wanted to live in that area. Obviously, we factored her budget into our assessment, and then – as per her request – we looked into the community and activities of the assisted living options.

Assisted Living in Federal Way

We came across four assisted living options in Federal Way. Many of them had overlapping events and activities – like dancing, book clubs, yoga classes, etc. – but the communities were extremely varied.

We toured each of the facilities with her and after the visits, there were two that really spoke to her. As a result, she revisited those several more times – as per our advice.

If time permits, one of the best ways to find a quality assisted living community is to visit and visit often. Although we personally vet all the senior living options we recommend (and we’ve been vetted as well), the best way to know if it’s a good fit for you (or your elder) is to drop by at various times on various days. This way, you can rest assured that you’re not seeing a “show,” but you’re seeing the day-to-day lifestyle of the residents.

After revisiting the two, she finally decided on an assisted living in Federal Way. One of the reasons she chose it was because the staff took care of her chores and basic maintenance, giving her more time to explore the wide array of activities. The assisted living center offered a full social calendar with organized classes for exercise, arts and crafts, educational programs, and games. The center also arranged for outings to local attractions.

Plus, if she wanted some quiet time to herself, she could enjoy a leisurely stroll through the grounds and outdoor gardens. She liked that the location was convenient to a nearby mall where she could also go shopping. The dining program offered three meals a day and a variety of menu options.

Whether you’re looking for elder care or a social circle of friends, contact us and we’ll put you on the right track!

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