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Finding Assisted Living with Memory Care

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In 2012, we were approached by a family whose senior was suffering from dementia. They had not taken all the tests to determine the cause of her dementia, but it was evident that it was a problem.

Fortunately, the senior’s mind had not debilitated very far. She was still capable of taking care of herself with minimal assistance, so the family asked what their options were. After assessing the woman and her family, we and the doctors agreed that while the family could take care of their senior, the best scenario would be to hire a professional or move the elder into a senior living community with specialists in memory care. This would ensure a healthy mind for much longer.

Moving is always a last resort, but when an elder is diagnosed with (even a symptom of) a neurodegenerative disease that will get worse over time, the best thing is to move them before they NEED to be moved.

The senior was vivacious and eager to learn so that she might ward off the memory loss. And because the family did not possess the knowledge or skills to take care of their senior, everyone was onboard.

They wanted a center that would be socially stimulating for her and would allow her freedom now, but memory care later on. She had a low monthly income, but she had a good amount saved for her senior living care and was also eligible for Veterans Administration benefits. Additionally, due to the diagnosis of dementia, we needed to find a senior living facility with more supervision, simple floor plans, and secure exits – just in case, the dementia progresses, they need to make sure she doesn’t wander off the premises.

At the end of the day, what our search boiled down to was an assisted living with memory care. This way, she would have a great deal of freedom and privacy, but a plan in place for memory care so she would never need to move again!

As a bonus, the assisted living center offered a full social calendar of activities with trips to cultural centers and recreational attractions. The center also works to keep residents in shape through its active living program, which focuses on improving overall health and well-being through a variety of physical exercises – that improves cognitive function as well. The assisted living with memory care center also featured an anytime dining program which was appealing to our client as it gave her the flexibility to determine when she wanted her meals.

Our client’s situation was unmistakably uncommon as the elder was showing the bare minimum of signs that she had dementia. The fact that they caught it so early on meant that she was guaranteed a slow progression since she has professionals catering to her needs and physical exercises – like yoga – have proven to slow the onset of Alzheimer’s.

With our seniors, the sooner we plan for the future, the safer they are. There’s a variety of assisted living with memory care centers and others that cater to your individual’s needs. Call for help!


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