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Assisted Living in Renton: From Dreary and Gloomy to a Lifetime of Luxury

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No matter what industry you work in, there’s bound to be something out there that you have to fight tooth and nail against. And, if you have the unique disposition, of being in an industry where there are no horror stories or scandals that color the public’s opinion of what you do, then Bravo, nirvana must not be far off.

But even if people love what you bring to your industry, there will still be negativity. I mean, look no further than the recent iPhone 6, where out of ten million units, people focused on the nine that bent. Of course, that’s not restricted to technology, look at any celebrity or author whose quotes have been taken out of context – we could talk for eons on how many people have misquoted Nietzsche.

The point is, there are always stereotypes and stigmas we have to fight against – and especially in senior housing.

A Dreary and Gloomy Misunderstanding

The notorious stereotype in senior housing centers around one phrase: nursing home. For those who haven’t kept up with senior living developments over the years, then the term they’re familiar with is nursing homes.

When they think of nursing homes, they think of sterile walls and the smell of hand-sanitizer. Such was the case when we met with an elderly woman several months ago.

She had suffered a stroke and was undergoing rehabilitation at a skilled nursing facility. She admitted that she was pleasantly surprised by the home’s environment. She said she’d passed by on numerous occasions and thought it was an apartment facility, not a nursing home.

However, her doctors had informed her that she should consider assisted living housing since she wouldn’t want to go home, suffer another stroke, wind up in another skilled nursing facility, and then need to move. Due to her high cognitive function, she should have no problem in an assisted living… and yet, she was hesitant.

“I don’t want to be placed in an old folks’ home,” she said glibly.

She had replaced her stereotype of nursing homes with assisted living. Later, she would go on to admit that she had never even heard of assisted living, but for some reason the idea of moving to a senior care home made her think the worst.

At the time, our Care Advisors, along with the physicians agreed that the best way to convince her otherwise was to show her some assisted living communities. Her opinion had been changed about nursing homes, why not assisted living too?

A Lifetime of Luxury

Our senior humored our assessment, providing budget restrictions, location desires, health care needs, and amenities. At the end of the assessment, we realized we were looking for assisted living centers in Renton, WA.

She also wanted a staff to continue rehabilitating her from her stroke and monitoring her high blood pressure – she threw the latter to us as though it was an impossible task for the staff to do both. In addition, she wanted a full menu of appetizing food and a friendly, loving staff.

Of course, we put our advisors to work and no sooner had we done so than we found a few luxury assisted living environments in in the Renton area. After helping to narrow the choices, we accompanied her on tours of several centers to make sure her questions and concerns were addressed.

In the end, she was blown away and decided to move to a luxury assisted living center that looks akin to a five-star hotel. It had a beautiful design and comfortable floor plans for individual apartments. The staff can provide blood pressure monitoring and help with medications, bathing, and dressing. They also provide reminders or escorts to meals and activities throughout the center. They even assist with laundry and daily housekeeping chores. Plus, the dining program offers flexible meal plans and a variety of gourmet menu choices. Not to mention an indoor heated swimming pool and a health club on site.

Plus, shopping malls, restaurants, and a medical center are all located nearby. And, the Renton location gives residents easy access to an area golf course, a performing arts center and other sporting and cultural institutions.

In short, don’t fear senior living, it can be the best move you make!

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