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Nursing Homes in Shoreline, Washington

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Nursing Homes in Shoreline, Washington are ideal locations for your senior. They offer personal, customized care, have numerous amenities, and improve your senior’s health. Residents are more than satisfied with their living arrangements and frankly, we get the comment, “Why didn’t we do this sooner,” a lot.

Nursing Homes are not sad and dreary, most are actually booming with life. The best way to understand it is to imagine all the daily tasks and chores you have, and suddenly someone is able to take care of all of those responsibilities for you. You’d be able to really enjoy your life and that’s what a Nursing Home does.

The Nursing Homes in Shoreline we affiliate with have eager staff members who, like the seniors they care for, want to be there. Our staff want you to know you’re in good hands, so we readily submit new hires through background checks and drug tests. Should you want to know who is taking care of your senior, this information is readily available. Frankly, most appreciate the thoroughness of families who ask for this, it shows you care.

Moving a Parent to a Senior Care Facility in Shoreline

Moving your parent to a senior care facility also shows you care. It’s better to do it now before you absolutely need to. Yes, your senior may be reluctant at first, and you may feel guilty, but you are doing the right thing. Too often do seniors go without the care they need and this can result in large medical payments and potentially hazardous outcomes. We want you to get the right help you need.

The Nursing Homes in Shoreline are very homey environments and partially due to the residents. Many bring their own furniture or even animals to the facility to make it homier for themselves. In addition, there are many amenities that even you would be envious of. Of course, Nursing Homes are secured facilities, but that doesn’t mean your senior is locked indoors. Many have open space and parks on the premises to provide your senior with nature walks and gardens at their leisure.

Most importantly is the care and community. The staff makes sure to treat your senior like a resident instead of a patient, but ultimately, their job is to take care of them so they can enjoy their life. It should never feel degrading but as a welcomed relief.

Contact Senior Care Advisors in Shoreline, WA

If you’re considering Nursing Homes in Shoreline for your loved one, then contact one of our care advisors today. We’ll schedule a meeting, so we can meet your family and get to know the situation. Once we’ve assessed the kind of care your senior needs, we look at the various living options that meet the desires. Then, we report back to you with a list of potential communities. If they’re to your liking, then we’ll tour the facility with you. We even recommend that you check out the community on several other days to make sure it’s always as lively as it appears on our scheduled tour date.

We provide all this as a free service because your senior should get the care they deserve. Contact us today about Nursing Homes in Shoreline.

Useful Nursing Homes Resouces in Shoreline:

Northwest Hospital & Medical Center

City of Shoreline website

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