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Nursing Homes in Edmonds, Washington

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Nursing Homes in Edmonds are an ideal choice for senior care. These communities provide room, board, regular (healthy) meals, exercise, and customized care. Customizing care is especially important, not just for your senior’s physical well-being, but mental health as well, so they know they’re cared for as a person and not as a patient.

In the last decade or so, Nursing Homes had been popularly viewed as end-of-life care, but that is simply not an accurate depiction. End-of-life, or Hospice care, is a very different situation that requires a different venue. Nursing Homes provide the most care you can receive without being enlisted in a hospital. This is 24-hour, constant care for seniors who need it. Moreover, if your senior does not require constant care, but rather, some minor to moderate assistance, there are many other options.

Assisted Living vs Adult Family Homes

Assisted Living or Adult Family Homes, for instance, provide staff to care for your senior in a different community. What matters most, is determining what your loved one needs so you choose a community that can offer it.

Nursing Homes in Edmonds are also being remodeled to look less like institutions or hospitals. Many look more like modern homes. In fact, it’s encouraged by the staff for seniors to bring their furniture or personal possessions to make their room, in particular, feel more like home; some even allow pets.

These are secure facilities, so you don’t need to worry about your senior wandering off or falling off the radar. However, don’t get the wrong impression either, we don’t want seniors to feel like they are isolated or restricted. As a result, these communities are often very large in scale and provide numerous rooms for recreation—some, even you would envy.

Plus, many Nursing Homes in Edmonds include open spaces and garden paths so your senior can still be safe but enjoy the great outdoors.

Nursing Homes are also a good option if your senior is in need of some short-term care. Often referred to as Skilled Nursing Facilities, these homes are modeled to give your loved one 24-hour care for a limited amount of time. These are suitable for anyone in need of physical therapy or rehabilitation.

Contact a Care Advisor in Edmonds

If you’re considering Nursing Homes in Edmonds for your loved one, then contact one of our Care Advisors today. At Concierge Care Advisors, we put every community under severe scrutiny, making sure they provide proper care for your loved one. We have been voted Best Practice in the state and we pushed for the Washington legislature to pass HB 1494, making senior care a priority—we succeeded.

At Concierge Care Advisors, our job is not to put your senior in a home, but to get them the care they need and can afford. After you fill our form, we call you back in 1 hour, then schedule a time to meet together with the family. We listen and assess your loved one’s needs, then see which communities best suit those desires. If there’s one you like, we tour the facility with you. We even check back up with you after several weeks to make sure the care is still top-notch.

And yes, all of this is a free service. Call Concierge Care Advisors today about Nursing Homes in Edmonds. We care.

Useful Nursing Homes Resources in Edmonds:

Swedish Medical Center Edmonds Campus

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