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Frequently, families come to us because they need help with tough decisions – and it doesn’t hurt that we offer free placement services. However, this story in particular revolves around a couple looking for separate senior housing.

After fifty years of marriage, a couple came to our agency looking to find senior housing, but in separate communities. The husband was completely independent, but the wife had mild dementia and several other medical issues. The husband was admirable and had done what many spouses in his situation do, he took on the burden of being the primary caregiver for his wife. Needless to say, providing care for someone with dementia is something that even trained professionals struggle with, let alone someone who has suddenly become an impromptu caregiver.

Due to the stress of the situation, the couple spent a lot of time arguing which was not healthy for either of them. He was putting all his efforts into taking care of her, but had no outlet for his grief at losing the person he loved piece by piece. Obviously, they needed to find senior housing, not just for her, but for their marriage.

The woman was understandably apprehensive about living apart from her husband, but agreed that she needed more medical attention, so she accepted this without feeling guilty. She had a colostomy bag, required several medications daily, and needed full-time care.

Her main concern was location.

She wanted to find senior housing in the vein of an assisted living community that would be close to where her children and husband lived. She also wanted a comfortable, upscale community that could support her as the dementia became more intense.

Of course, we knew we could find senior housing to match her needs. We suggested three assisted living centers. Of the three, Aegis of Shoreline was the best choice. The assisted living facility’s nurse had over thirty years of geriatric care experience. The wife could get the care she needed and maintain her dignity. It was also located near the rest of the family.

This was an extremely difficult decision for the family to make, but our agency was glad we could help.

Find Senior Housing as a Couple

Although this couple now lives separately, they are much happier since the woman is finally getting the consistent care she needs and is close to her family.

However, if after reading this, you’re worried about being separated from your spouse, don’t be. Every senior living situation is different – and this story is no exception. Although, we can assuredly find separate housing for you and your loved one, many couples want to live together and there are senior living solutions for them as well.

In fact, the most common result is moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (or CCRC).

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

CCRCs are best suited for senior couples that are in different stages of life (and thereby need different levels of elder care). CCRCs are essentially senior housing communities that offer the varying levels of senior care (assisted living, independent living, nursing homes, etc.), but all within one center.

If you and your loved one want to continue living together – and especially if you may need senior care down the road – then this may be the best option for you.

We’ve expanded into four states: Washington, Idaho, California, and Oregon. So if you need help, we can find senior housing that suits your needs.

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