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Senior Care Referral Agency Scams (Part 1)

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It seems that no matter what industry you’re in, there are always companies that employ best practices and those that employ questionable practices. The problem is not when there’s a company that does it well and another that does it better; the problem is when companies do it right and companies do it wrong.

Senior Care Referral Agencies

Recently, I came across an article about scams within the senior care referral agency. Although the article was written in 2011, it is still as relevant today as it will be ten years from today.

The fact is, when you do a search on Google for senior housing (especially if you’re looking at the “News”), the majority of the results are of debacles within the senior care industry. It’s scary and doing what we do, it’s even a little disheartening at times.

But this is why we do what we do; it’s why we made a choice to make sure elders find comfortable homes that don’t deplete their funds but act as sanctuaries.

The reason I bring up Steve Moran’s article from 2011 is to address the concerns that many people still have about senior care referral agencies. I want to put those fears at rest should you seek our services, but are skeptical of the process. Moran, by no means attacks anyone, but rather makes a point to show where the areas of contention are.

Major Problem 1: Full Disclosure

While many senior care referral agencies claim to be free, they do not disclose how they are paid. And of course, that begs the question, ‘How can you provide a service if you’re not paid?’ The truth of it is, senior care referral agencies are paid by the senior housing communities they work with.

The best way to think of it is working with a realtor. If you’re shopping for a senior home, the referral agent shows you various communities and the one you decide upon is where they receive payment. Of course, we mention on our About page, on our Senior Care Referral Agency page; the former being its own headline and the latter being in the first few sentences.

The Concierge Care Advisors don’t hide their practices, we promote them as we’ve even been voted the Best Practices in the State of Washington.

Major Problem 2: Elder Experience

It’s true, a senior care referral agency is not required to have people with senior care experience – which sounds absurd, but it’s true.

However, the Concierge Care Advisors are very open about our previous history and have a full “senior” of experience between us (over 60 years, at least). You can always read about our experience on our Senior Care Advisors page.

In addition, we run background checks, drug tests, and makes sure everyone gets CCA and HIPAA certified. Your elder is in good hands.

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