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Choosing Senior Care for Your Elder Without Feeling Guilty

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By: Kathy Kappler

When you want to find senior care for your elder, the first question should always be:

What TYPE of elder care does my senior need?

Now, in many circumstances, the two of you can decide – ideally before you need to have the talk about moving. That way, your loved one can tell you what they want and there’s no pressure to move quickly. This is ideal because then, even if your elder suffers a condition that limits their ability to communicate with you (or others) then you know what they would want to do in the situation.

However, if you don’t have that talk, then next best scenario is to do it when the situation calls for it… like if your elder finds themselves in the hospital after a fall or have stopped maintaining their house.

But then there are people in the third group; people who want what’s best for their elder but never discussed what they want. This is tough and it’s the source of a lot of controversy because then the relatives and caregivers call the shots – not the senior.

  • How do you find senior care for your elder if they can’t communicate what they want – or even need – in a senior housing facility?
  • How do you know what’s best for them?
  • And the biggest fearful question of all: What if you get it wrong?

How to Know if You’re Making the Right Decisions

In any type of care settings, residents have very strong and succinct rights. However, when the time comes for the elders to transition to more intensive care and cannot make the decision on their own, there’s a bit of a gray area. This usually happens because there’s a decline in cognitive thinking or general health. So now you need to determine how to find senior care for your elder. Here are four things to watch for.

  1. Address Safety

Safety should always be the top priority when it comes to elderly care. You want to make absolutely sure that no matter the type of care or residence that safety is the most important concern. We mention this in part because…

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Removing Independence

So many adult children struggle with this when trying to find senior care. They don’t want to limit where their senior can go or what they can do. However, if your elder is in a condition where they need to have 24-hour care, then a nursing home is probably the best option. That being said, nursing homes are secure facilities which means that residents cannot leave the premises. This isn’t to make it feel like a prison, but because most people in nursing homes have declining cognitive function and may wander off – hence, why safety comes first.

  1. Give the Senior Control

Again, this is that gray area, but if your senior is capable of making decisions, let them. Some seniors cannot specify what they want, but if they say they don’t like their new residence, then there are others. A home needs to feel right.

Plus, the more you allow your senior to control, the better their self-esteem will be. They will feel useful and that’s imperative.

  1. Consult with Care Advisors and Caregivers

When you’re trying to find senior care, we are the premier senior housing and elderly care company. We have been through this with countless families. We speak with you and your senior, assessing what their needs are and what they want. We’re here for you and our services are free, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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