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A Stroke of Bad Luck: Rehabilitative Care in Assisted Living

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The day had started out so well.”

Rita, 72, had taken her morning walk with Patches, her Boston Terrier. The sun was out and a light breeze reminded her that she was heading into the eve of summer. Later, when she went down to the local farmer’s market, she sampled the various jams. As she paid for jar, the merchant thanked her graciously and as she made her way to leave, a child behind the jam stand asked to pet her dog.

Both the child and Patches loved the attention. Eventually, the little girl asked, “What’s his name?” And Rita said nothing.

Rita didn’t mean to say nothing, but she couldn’t speak. She opened her mouth, but heard nothing come out. Onlookers claim they saw her teeth chattering, “But” Rita reminisced, “in an instant, everything went black.”

Rita had gone numb, lost her vision and collapsed. The shattered jam jar beside her body made the public’s imaginations run wild. The distressing scene quickly led to police and an ambulance. When she next awoke, she was in a hospital with her son beside her bed. Rita could not move her limbs and when she asked her son what was happening, he told her she had suffered a stroke.

In the Wake of an Attack

Rita had so many questions, but could barely gather her thoughts to ask them.

  • Where’s Patches?
  • What happened?
  • Why can’t I move?
  • Will I be able to walk again?

(Now, several years after the incident, we can answer these with immediate clarity.)

Patches was safe at home with her son. She had suffered a debilitating stroke that made her temporarily paralyzed. She would be able to move again, but only after extensive (and intensive) rehabilitation.

Rita’s son, Matthew, was arguably more vocal than the doctors. “We need to move you to a nursing home.” Everyone was very sympathetic and confident that Rita would be able to move her arms and legs freely, but it would take time. During that time, she’d need assistance with daily living. Matthew felt overwhelmed simply hearing of all the tasks his mother needed help with. He had pursued a career in law, and in his mind, that was the furthest path from nursing or doctoring. He felt unqualified and overworked, feeling helpless to give her the care she so desperately needed.

Realizing they needed help finding a suitable home, they turned to the Concierge Care Advisors.

Assistants Finding Assisted Living Residences

When they called, we repeated numerous times that our help is free of charge – Matthew was a lawyer, asked all the “fine print” questions. No strings, no catch, we’re free.

Once that was out of the way, Matthew made his requirements and budget known. He had no interest in fancy walls, furniture, or aesthetics. What he wanted was to find an assisted living facility with rehabilitative care.

QUALITY” Matthew emphasized, “rehabilitative care.” He wanted to make sure his mother was walking again. She was 72 and healthy, he wanted to bring her back to her normal state.

No problem.

In short order, we found an assisted living community with renowned on-site rehabilitative care at an affordable price. Better yet, it was in the city of Redmond, where she previously resided – and yes, they allowed Patches.

Although the day didn’t end the way Rita had planned, since her stroke in 2011, she has made a full recovery. She’s on her feet and even dancing on Friday nights.

If you or your loved one suffers a stroke — or is showing symptoms of minor strokes — then call the police. And if you need help finding a senior living facility, you know who to contact.

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