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Nursing Homes in Marysville, Washington

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Nursing Homes in Marysville, Washington are state-of-the-art facilities that have overcome the common misconception that Nursing Homes are dark, dreary and gloomy places.

Nursing Homes are open, welcoming, and friendly. These communities strive to be the home away from home. As your senior will be making a significant move, the staff make it as easy as possible for them. Your seniors can bring furniture, personal items, and sometimes, even pets. This is meant to keep your seniors happy, healthy and inspired to be there.

As mentioned, these function much like a home away from home. Rather than living isolated or all alone, your senior will be living in a facility among their peers, many of whom are in similar situations. It’s not just an opportunity for long-term care and senior living, but also a place to make lifelong friends. Nursing Homes in Marysville also include numerous games, activities, and events to keep seniors engaged and socializing. Socializing is incredibly important to seniors’ health, not only because it engages their minds, but also because they should be comfortable voicing their opinion. This last point is where the staff really comes in.

Where Will My Loved One Have the Best Quality of Life?

The staff at these facilities are what raise your senior’s quality of life. Your loved one should never feel like a patient, but a friend and confidant. The staff at these senior housing centers are there to provide personalized/customized care on a case-by-case basis. These are people who go above and beyond to form a bond with your loved one. These are people who want to help and build those bonds—as do we. We stay in touch with the seniors and families we come in contact with and regularly check up on them. We are there for you and because we regularly get recertified and new hires receive background checks, we’ll gladly provide that information as well. We will not be offended, we’re happy to see that you care about senior enough to make sure they’re in good hands.

With Concierge Care Advisors by your side, we make sure your loved one is in good hands. The Nursing Homes in Marysville also include outdoor walkways and gardens so that, even though it’s a secured facility, your loved one can get a dose of nature and their surrounding environment.

Contact a Senior Care Advisor in Marysville

If you’re considering Nursing Homes in Marysville, contact one of our care advisors today. We’ll get back to you in one hour and guide you through the process. We realize you may be stressed and may even feel guilty, but rest-assured we’ve all been there. The important thing to consider is if your loved one needs care.

We meet with you and your senior, assess the needs and budget. Then we’ll come back to you with a list of communities that match those needs. Once you’ve decided on a residence, we’ll explore the community with you, making sure to ask all the questions you need answering to feel comforted in your decision. We even check back in a few weeks to make sure your senior is getting the care they deserve.

This is all a free service with no obligation to proceed further. Know that we’re here to help, contact us today.

Useful Nursing Homes Resources in Marysville:

Cascade Valley Hospital and Clinics

City of Marysville website

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