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Concierge Care Advisors only affiliate with Nursing Homes in Lynnwood, Washington that excel in their field. When making the decision to move your senior from their current residence into a new home, you probably second-guess yourself a lot, but that’s why we’re here. Don’t feel guilty, do not feel bad. If your senior is living on their own and this it’s becoming potentially hazardous to their livelihood (forgetting to turn the stove off, lock the doors, or even too painful to take care of themselves), then that’s when it’s time to consider long-term senior care options.

Nursing Homes have often had a stigma surrounding them. People believe them to be end-of-life care facilities or a place to dump your seniors. This is not the case. Nursing Homes in Lynnwood have even undergone remodeling to make them look less like institutions and more like homes. These facilities provide the most care available to your senior without them being hospitalized. As a result, the communities are specifically for seniors that require 24-hour care. If your senior does not need this level of care, then there are other options.

Adult Family Homes for instance, are another type of long-term senior care, where your loved one may room inside a small housing facility or a palatial mansion. These are considered residences—and not businesses—and there must be a licensed nurse per every 6 residents. Some people like this environment better as their loved one is not lonely, but the level of care is minimal. If your loved one just needs help with regular treatments or cooking, then this may be a more ideal situation, just keep in mind that Nursing Homes are specifically for people who need round-the-clock care.

That’s what Concierge Care Advisors are here for. We meet with you and assess your loved one’s needs and budgetary restrictions. Based on what services they require, we go out and find suitable communities for their needs. We only consult with facilities that meet our high standards. If Nursing Homes in Lynnwood appears to be the right direction to take, then we’ll tour the facility with you, making sure to ask all the right questions so you can feel confident in your decision. We make sure to get it right the first time so you do not need to worry about your senior’s health.

We understand that you’d take care of your senior if you could. That’s why you want to make sure that the people taking care of your loved one are reputable staff. We perform background checks and drug tests on the staff at your request. On a semi-regular basis, we even tour the communities just to make sure they’re upholding our high standards.

With Nursing Homes in Lynnwood, it’s too late in the game to get it wrong. We make sure your senior gets the care they deserve and we get it right the first time. Contact Concierge Care Advisors for our free service, we don’t ask for money, all we want is your senior’s health, safety, and happiness.

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