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Shameful Kirkland Adult Family Home Abuse Case Stains AFH Industry

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June 11, 2012

Shameful case does not reflect entire industry; Concierge Care Advisors recognizes most adult family home and other LTC Providers provide quality care; Concierge Care Advisors Supports

Excellence in Long Term Care Communities 

We at Concierge Care Advisors understand the importance of high standards, not to mention state and federal rules and laws that protect seniors and other vulnerable adults. The recently publicized The Seattle Times front page story and  Seniors for Sale series is a sad example that harmed the reputation of the entire long term care community. We know that the entire Adult Family Home and long term care community seek to provide the quality care with clean, safe and well-equipped facilities, well-trained staff, healthy food and activities.

Adult Family Homes are important to us, and provide an important long term care option for seniors and other vulnerable adults.  We will continue to refer to AFHs and to all top-quality long term care communities. That is our message to the public.

We will support our Provider Partners, knowing that when we work collectively to place the safety and security of seniors above all else, we protect both our clients and improve outcomes for everyone. Every person, business and agency providing services to Seniors must redouble our efforts. We will continue to lead reforms in the placement and referral industry, and ask others to lead in their respective fields. Collectively, we will raise the bar and with it, the public’s confidence in long term care options.

As Advocates, Concierge Care Advisors Ensures Seniors are Protected

  • Concierge Care Advisors have higher standards than State Government. Concierge Care Advisors have always carefully screenedall long term care providers by reviewing and verifying state records, and conducting on-site inspections prior to referral
  • Concierge Care Advisors successfully lobbied for the first-in-the-nation legislation, HB 1494, regulating Placement and Referral agencies
  • Concierge  Care Advisors strengthens Seniors Continuum of Care with our Provider Partners through accurate, third-party patient assessments partners
  • Concierge Care Advisors only places seniors in AFHs with a nurse on-call 24/7
  • Concierge Care Advisors conduct follow-up reviews with Providers, Seniors, families, and health care professionals to ensure each placement is successful
  • Highly trained, Concierge Care Advisors undergo background checks upon hire and every 12 months, are HIPAA and CCA credentialed and continually work to advance more quality and protections for vulnerable adults

Preferred Provider Advantage

An advocate for the safety and security of seniors above all else, Concierge Care Advisors respect and promote our Provider Partners with numerous benefits, including our CCA Preferred Provider Advantage™. We offer long term care providers substantially more trustworthy and accurate client information than others in the industry. Within Preferred Provider Advantage™ is Concierge Care Advisor’s Provider Portal™ which allows Providers’ anytime-access connecting directly to our Senior Advisors to update information about their long term care community, including vacancies, upgrades, and awards.

From the CEO

“Concierge Care Advisors wants Providers to know that we truly view them as partners, and that together we can work to improve and ensure the safety and security of seniors above all else. Together, we will work as advocates for both seniors and their families, and those who work with us can avoid the things that happened in these situations. ”

Marc Lilly, CEO of Concierge Care Advisors

About Concierge Care Advisors

Concierge Care Advisors provide exceptional guidance with carefully appraised options in senior care, senior housing, retirement communities, assisted living, dementia care, nursing homes and more. The company thoroughly screens, credentials and trains its Advisors who work towards the best outcomes every time. To learn more, visit

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