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Keys to The Future: After Senior Retirement

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Keys to The Future: After Senior Retirement

By Donna Mischke, Director of Family Services at Concierge Care Advisors

My senior mother-in-law recently moved into a retirement community. It was not an easy transition for the family. She was moving out of a home she had resided in for 41 years. There were a lot of memories, family reunions, holidays and special moments in that home. But realistically, at 82 years old, she no longer needed a five-bedroom house. Moving around in that big house had become increasingly difficult. Her laundry room was downstairs and she had to walk down a flight of stairs to get to her car in the garage. She was paying to heat and cool a big house, arranging for mowing in the summer, arranging for snow removal in the winter and even walking to the mailbox had started to take its toll.

Most seniors after retirement want to stay in their home. Moving is emotionally and physically draining, and the fear of moving to a new community or leaving behind friends and memories only adds to the stress. However, most seniors find that once they have moved and settled in, they are much happier and safer. Living alone can be dangerous and lonely. There is always the chance of a fall and if the senior does not get out as much, there is an increased chance of isolation and depression. My mother-in-law still misses her home and probably always will, but we all have peace knowing that she is now in a safe place.

She is even starting to see all the positives of the move. She was able to stay close to her previous community and can still drive and see her friends or meet them for breakfast or coffee. She still has her independence, but also is surrounded by a community that can now help her in an instant if she needs it. She feels safer and has made a few new friends. She no longer worries about arranging to have her lawn work done or having her driveway cleared of ice and snow. She lives in Minnesota, so this is a big deal in the winter. Her monthly bills have decreased significantly in a smaller one bedroom and the stress of multiple bills has been simplified. She only has one monthly payment. If her care needs increase, she is in a community where she can get more help as she may need it.

Overall, our family is very pleased with her new move and the peace of mind that comes with her being in a safe environment. We will all miss the home my husband grew up in and created so many memories, but nothing beats knowing that she is now in a safe and functional environment.

If you have a parent or loved one who might benefit from moving into a retirement community, assisted living or adult family home, our Housing Advisors at Concierge Care Advisors are the best resources for your move. Our Advisors are trained to evaluate your personal situation and offer the best outcome at no cost to you. Please call us anytime at 1-855-444-7364 or visit our website at to chat with a live representative. We can help you find the right solution for your family, because we care.

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