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Explore Senior Housing Options When It’s Time for a Transition

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Donna Mischke, Director of Family Services

Most seniors prefer to stay in their home and do not like the idea of moving. Staying at home brings a sense of security and familiarity, but there are now so many different and much safer options. Living alone or with families who work may set a senior up for loneliness, isolation, and become a safety issue. If you are a senior looking into the future or have a loved one that may need a change, our Senior Advisors are specialized in showing you the best options. There are so many better and safer options.

Here are a few to consider:

  • In Home Care and Home Health – This type of care can be temporary or permanent. If you are recovering from a medical condition and would like to stay at home but need some assistance, In-Home Care or Home Health may be your solution. These services allow healthcare professionals to come to your home and help with medications, therapy, housekeeping, meal prep, bill paying, transportation, bathing or other services that you may need to help you along. Some require a minimum number of hours and the costs can be expensive. Home Health Care is usually provided by a registered nurse or other skilled medical professional and is often prescribed by the doctor. This care is more specialized. In-home Care can provide help with daily activities, driving, cooking, companionship and other care that is medically related.
  • Retirement Communities – Also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities, these are types of housing complexes designed especially for older adults who can take care of themselves but may require light assistance occasionally. The communities are built to promote activities and socialization. Retirement communities can be neighborhoods built for the specific purpose of senior living. They can also be apartments and condominiums. Some even offer on-site Memory Care or skilled nursing facilities to cater to residents when their care needs change. They may also have meal preparation, home cleaning, laundry services, transportation and other needed services. This is a great option for seniors who are still very independent, but like knowing they are surrounded by a community of peers and people who can assist if needed.
  • Assisted Living – Many retirement communities also have assisted living facilities which will allow you to stay within the community but receive additional help should your care needs change. An assisted living will have 24-hour staff and may be able to provide you with more services than a retirement community. Typical assisted livings will provide meals, medication management, housekeeping, transportation, bathing and dressing if needed. Usually there is a group dining area and group activities. An assisted living is a great option for seniors who can still live independently but require a little more assistance than a retirement community would offer. Many assisted livings also offer memory care for dementia and Alzheimer’s residents as well.
  • Nursing Home or Skilled Nursing Facility – This option is for seniors who will need 24 hour supervised care. They may have dementia, Alzheimer’s or other severe illnesses that require a higher level of care. A licensed physician can supervise each resident’s care and a registered nurse is always available. A skilled nursing facility is usually a temporary solution provided for patients who may need rehabilitation or recovery after an illness. A nursing home is more of a long-term care facility to provide a permanent living situation.
  • Adult Family Homes – Also known as residential care homes or personal care homes, these homes offer personalized services in a normal home care setting. Most adult family homes are normal homes in neighborhoods but have been converted to house, support, and care for up to 6 people. Some adult family homes are built or remodeled specifically for the purpose of care. The homes provide 24-hour care and are often run by medical professionals such as physicians, registered or licensed nurses or CNA’s. These homes will provide a higher level of care than Assisted Livings can provide. The providers often live on site or hire staff to care for the residents. These homes can provide a real family type setting and are a very popular choice for many seniors.

If you are considering senior living options for yourself or for a loved one, Concierge Care Advisors can show you all your different options and help you make a decision that fits your lifestyle. We provide this service at no charge to you. Our skilled advisors can help you narrow down which options will work for your specific situation and offer many options without overwhelming you. We want you to feel happy and comfortable with your final choice and will work hard to achieve that goal. Contact us today!

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