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The Blind and Naked May Find a Cure for Cancer

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Although we try to keep our blog concise by restricting the material to senior health, this latest news was too uplifting to stay silent.

We’ve all undergone the tragedy of having someone close to us suffer cancer. Regardless of which kind of cancer it is, it’s painful to endure and agonizing to watch. Survivors should always be celebrated because it’s a battle unlike anything else. This is why we’re so eager to hear more about this recent development in cancer cures.

As reported in the Express, specialists may have found a cure for cancer in mammals that may be able to work on humans as well. What’s particularly exciting is it’s not for one kind of cancer in particular, but all of them.

After 16 years of research, Professor Aaron Avivi and his team of specialists have found that there is a mammal that appears to be immune to cancer. From the subterranean rodent family are the naked and blind mole rats that appear to have cells that fight and eliminate cancer cells in other creatures – yes, even human beings!

These are not the first creatures to be discovered with cancer-fighting cells, but they do appear to be the first mammals. Several aquatic creatures have also exhibited signs of cancer resistance and it’s how we’ve developed some of the anti-cancer drug treatments, but these mole rats are particularly exciting giving that they’re in the same mammal family.

Apparently, these creatures’ cells are able to pinpoint and ward off cancerous cells, but not new cells. It’s as if their DNA is pre-programmed to fight cancer by secreting a particular substance that kills the cancer immediately. The scientists are eager to continue their research to see where it takes them as many speculate that if they can harvest this substance into a digestible serum, then they may be closer to eliminating cancer in people.

Even if that first option doesn’t prove to be all that viable, it’s still worth pursuing this research further as it could show how these rodents’ cells ward off cancer and if it’s something we can potentially replicate in humans.

Cancer claims the lives of over eight million people every year. Even the survivors are not left without scars, and the sad reality is they are not out of the harm’s way, they may still be prone to cancer in the future.

Everyone wants a cure for cancer. It’s a painful disease many of us feel helpless against. It puts stress on the body and fellow family members, so any — even a potential — cure for cancer is an improvement.

Hopefully this advancement will help families worldwide and save a great deal of grief.

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