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Cremation or Burial

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By Donna Mischke, Director of Family Services at Concierge Care Advisors

There are many decisions to make when planning for your future and your death.

It is always good to plan ahead and let loved ones know your final wishes. Cremation and burial are two common options for disposing of a person’s remains after death. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, and the decision will depend on personal preference, cultural or religious beliefs, and financial considerations.

Cremation is the process of reducing a body to ashes through intense heat. After the cremation process, the ashes are typically placed in an urn or scattered in a meaningful location. Cremation is a popular option because it is usually less expensive than a traditional funeral and burial, and it is also a good option for people who prefer to have a smaller, more intimate ceremony. Additionally, cremated remains take up less space than a full-size casket and can be easily transported.

Burial is the practice of placing a body in a grave in the ground, typically in a cemetery. The body is placed in a casket, which is then buried in the ground. Burial is a common tradition that has been practiced for centuries and is considered by many to be a more traditional way to say goodbye to a loved one. Additionally, burial allows for the creation of a permanent grave site where family and friends can visit and pay their respects.

The average cost of a burial with funeral and viewing in 2021 was around $10,000. The average cost of a cremation with funeral, viewing, cremation casket and urn was considerably less at around $7,000. It’s important to note that cremation and burial options both can be tailored to meet specific religious, cultural and personal preferences. For example, many religious traditions have specific guidelines for cremation and burial. Some of them may prefer burial over cremation, and some may have specific rituals or ceremonies that need to be performed before or after the cremation or burial. Both cremation and burial have their own set of pros and cons, and it’s important to consider personal, cultural and religious beliefs, as well as the financial aspect of the decision. It is always best to have a conversation with your loved ones and make a decision that aligns with their preferences and beliefs. A funeral director or other professional in the field can also provide guidance and information about the options available.

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