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Adult Family Homes in Washington

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Adult Family Homes in Washington are a form of senior housing that are licensed by the government and held inside residential homes within neighborhoods. Unlike the “home”-setting of other forms of senior living, Adult Care Homes are actual houses. This aesthetic appeal alone causes many seniors to seek these out and it’s noticeable in their rising popularity. Many more of these homes are appearing all over the state due to the fact that the government does not limit which homes can convert into these residences.

Adult Family Homes in Washington are run by licensed gerontologists or nurses and, although they are technically a business, the government treats them like normal residences. These homes must meet all the requirements of senior care needs including easy navigation for people with handicaps or disabilities and, if they offer memory care, the proper medical credentials. In addition, theses homes are limited to six adult residents.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest appeals to living in these homes is the six resident policy. This means that your loved one receives close, attentive, and personal care since the staff are not divided by some 100-200 residents.

The level of senior care offered is fairly moderate with some homes specializing in Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Contact Concierge Care Advisors if you need help finding memory care within Adult Care Homes.

Adult Family Homes in Washington Include:

  • Room and board
  • Laundry services
  • Occasional nursing
  • Assistance with ADLs
  • Medicine/Treatments
  • Home setting
  • Personal & intimate care
  • Some social services
  • Supervision
  • Social environment

In addition to all these moderate care services, one of the major perks to these homes is their affordability. Depending on where you and your family choose, many of these homes are less expensive than nursing homes and some are even more affordable than assisted living facilities.

Due to the sheer volume of Adult Family Homes in Washington, it can be overwhelming to decide which AFH meets your needs. This is why we recommend contacting our Care Advisors.

The Concierge Care Advisors are a collection of experienced individuals who have worked at all stages of the senior housing industry, many of which have had to undergo the task of moving their own loved ones to senior care areas. Their experience with the senior housing industry has been so varied since each family and situation is different. Their services are offered for free because they genuinely want to make sure your senior is safely moved and taken care of.

Concierge Care Advisors work with countless Adult Family Homes in Washington and will only recommend those that have passed their most strict standards of regulation. Their goal is to ensure the protection, safety, and security of your loved one. This is what makes them carefully inspect each senior housing facility they affiliate with and, unlike other senior care referral services, your Care Advisor will personally tour the properties with you, making sure that you get the answers to all the questions you have.

This service is complimentary to you! Contact us at 1-855-444-7364.

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