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A Compassionate Senior Living Advisor Makes All the Difference

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Senior living advisor makes all the difference

By Lois Jasmer, Director of Business Development

This has been an interesting Holiday Season. I am noticing that all the conversations with my friends and peers are about what medications we are on or what replacement surgery we are having or have had. The other topic that keeps coming up is how overwhelming taking on an elderly parent’s problems can be.

I was at dinner with several classmates last week having one of these heartfelt conversations. I listened with compassion and just let them discuss their journeys. I don’t like to bring my work into personal conversations unless asked. One friend, Jill, started talking about having two parents that were both not long for this world. As she related her story, she mentioned meeting two Senior Advisors from two different companies.  The first one she explained “was not compassionate” and she did not feel comfortable with her, she did not feel the Advisor could relate to her situation. In fact, what she said is, “I wanted to just slap the smugness off her face.” I felt bad that Jill had this sort of experience. Then she told me of the Advisor from the other company, which at the time she could not remember the company name, but she did remember the Advisors name. It was Brenda. When I heard this my ears perked up.

As my friend related the story of how Brenda helped her and her family, I smiled as I listened. She told of how Brenda’s compassion and ability to relate to Jill’s story and situation was such a huge relief to her; how she felt that Brenda truly knew what she was going through, and how stressed out she was with everything she was dealing with; how Brenda was there every step of the way and helped her know what to ask and what to do next. She was a blessing to my friend Jill. At the end I ask her if the company was Concierge Care Advisors. And Jill said yes it was.

Well it turns out that Brenda is one of my Advisors. So, I let Jill and everyone else in that room know where I work and why I work there. Because of Advisors like Brenda, who truly have a heart for helping not only seniors but the families that are in their lives. There is so very much involved in making the best decision when it comes to the care of an elderly loved one, and not just for today, but for tomorrow and forever in most cases. Our Advisors are Transitional Specialists that can help you as an adult child deal with the sadness, loss and guilt involved in moving a parent. My generation seems to think we can do it all and make those choices ourselves, but without the right information and tools, many make choices that lead to undesirable outcomes.

My team and I are here to help. I could have worked for any Senior Advisor company in the Puget Sound area, even nationally for a company. I am proud that I chose Concierge Care Advisors because of stories like this one, because we truly have a heart for what we do to help seniors.

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