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6 Reasons to Move to Assisted Living in Tacoma

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Tacoma, Washington is a great city, but if you’ve never been, you likely think of it as “that city you pass through to get to the SeaTac airport” and you’re doing yourself and Tacoma a disservice. Tacoma, Washington is one of the best cities to live in and especially if you’re retired and have a sudden wealth of free time, you should move to an assisted living in Tacoma.

1. Musuems

Guess how many museums are within walking distance of each other in Tacoma? Six. Six museums that range from classic automobiles to intricate glasswork. If you’re looking to learn, these museums are excellent for roaming the halls. Each has its own personality and all are very ornate. Whether you want to learn or explore, immerse yourself in Tacoma’s Museum District.

2. Performing Arts

Of course, as you’ll soon learn, Tacoma does many things in excess (but doesn’t skimp on the quality) and much like their museums, parks, and senior centers, they have three-theater complex. Three! There’s the Pantages, the Theater on the Square, and Rialto. Between these three, you’re guaranteed to find a live performance to your liking, whether it’s a modern production by a new playwright, a classic from 60 to 400 years ago, or even a modern rendition of a classic – this is the place to be!

3. Hiking & Biking

If you’re looking to get outside and be active, there are few better places to do it than Tacoma. Tacoma has well over 17 miles of parks and biking trails. So whether you want to take a leisurely stroll on a 3 mile trail, or bike the massive (18.8) Burke-Gilman Trail, you have options.

Plus, even if you’re not a bicyclist, there’s a wondrous jogging (or walking) trail along the coast of Commencement Bay. If you want a beautiful, panoramic view of a 2-mile long beach, this is the place to be. And yes, swimming and fishing are allowed!

Considering assisted living is specifically for seniors who need a little extra care (or want to ensure they can get it when the time comes), having an exciting outdoors should be a staple of every assisted living community.

4. Farmers Market

Most assisted living communities are structured like apartment homes for easy access and security. In addition, as assisted living boasts independence, almost all units come with their own kitchens or kitchenettes if you want to continue to cook for yourself, and if you’re living in Tacoma, why wouldn’t you?

Tacoma’s Farmers Market has always been highly praised with fresh produce, veggies, and a great deal of diversity among vendors. The Farmers Market website keeps you updated on what days and times they’re available and it’s always a delight!

5. Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

It’s just my opinion, but no city worth living in is complete without a zoo or aquarium, and Tacoma has both. The Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium aren’t only flooded with animals and amazing exhibits (like where you can get face-to-face with a shark), but it’s also the perfect opportunity for seniors to volunteer and get involved in their community. Nothing keeps you quite so young as interacting with others, learning daily, and bonding with animals.

6. Senior Center

Of course, part of the beauty of moving into a senior housing community is that you get to be surrounded by your peers; people who have shared similar experiences and are in assisted living for similar reasons. If ever you feel in need of more diversity and more activity, Tacoma houses not one, but two senior centers: Beacon Activity Center (downtown area) and Lighthouse Activity Center (east side).

Both of these facilities offer a wide array of projects, activities, events, social gatherings, and volunteer opportunities. It’s a great deal of fun and there is ALWAYS something going on.

So take some time, consider your options, but know that Tacoma is one fun place to spend your Golden Years.

As an aside, assisted living is perfect for elders who need minor to moderate help in retirement. For instance, if your hands shake or you feel uncomfortable driving, then assisted living is the best type of community for you. They offer care services to ensure your health is maintained, much more so than a standard retirement home, but they also provide freedom. The staff help you with what you need help with, but little more than that. Your living quarters are maintained and most offer transportation services. For seniors looking to have their care needs met, but also maximize their freedom, assisted living in Tacoma is the right place to go.

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