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5 Ways Adult Family Homes in Tacoma are Better than Living at Home

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Adult family homes are highly sought after in the Pacific Northwest – that’s no secret. When the senior housing advisors go over the list of choices, adult family homes are on the top of everyone’s lists. These are residential homes, not retirement communities. Additionally, these homes can only accept up to 6 residents at any given time. That may seem obvious since it’s a house and you probably wouldn’t want more than that, but this is appealing to many seniors and their families because it means they’re given close, personal attention while still being able to socialize with their peers.

All that said, there are some who question the premise of adult family homes. They say (or think), “Why move into a residential home if you’re already living in one?” And that’s a fair question. Why would you move out of one house and into another. Even if we disregard “care needs” and the elder in question is perfectly healthy, why would they want to move from house A to house B?

Well, here are 5 ways adult family homes in Tacoma are better than living at home.

1. Safe Neighborhood

When you move into a home, realtors advise you to speak with the neighbors to get a feel for the type of neighborhood it is. A commonly asked question is, “What’s the age-range like?” Because families want to know if they’re moving into a college community, a predominantly elderly community, a mix, or young families. The last thing you want is to move into your dream house and find out there are parades once a month from 5PM to 2AM – not that that exists, but you get the idea.

However, even if your neighbors are lovely when you move in. Years go by and many move out, new couples move in. You don’t have control over your neighbors down the line. You may find you have less and less in common with your neighbors. With adult family homes however, the houses have been retrofitted for seniors, meaning that even if your neighbors are some wacky college kids or workaholic tech geniuses, your house will be safe and secure.

2. Quiet Place

Some people need white noise just to get to sleep, but others need peace and quiet. Unfortunately, if you’re living in a neighborhood that was once quiet but is growing more and more industrial (as is wont to happen in Washington State), then you may be subject to construction noises and loud neighbors.

With adult family homes in Tacoma, this is not the case. The homes have been retrofitted for seniors and many provide memory care (should any elders be diagnosed with dementia before or after moving in). It wouldn’t be very dementia-friendly if the elders suffered erratic sleep schedules. Many of these homes grow trees around the property to drown out sound, and others employ blackout curtains or soundproof walls. You don’t need to hear the cacophony outside, even if there’s bagpipes on your sidewalk.

3. Transportation Provided

For many people the hardest part of “working out” is simply going to the gym. As you get older though, you’ll find that’s true of just about anything. The hardest part of cooking is going out to the grocery store; the hardest part of seeing a movie is going to the theater; the hardest part of seeing family is getting out of the house.

Adult family homes in Tacoma remedy this problem by providing transportation services. They want elders to keep living active lifestyles and not be held back by minor obstacles. It’s not that elders lose control of the vehicle, but eyesight wanes with age and night driving can be nerve-racking. Fortunately, many adult family homes offer transportation services so they’re able to go out and return at their leisure without any fear of driving.

4. No Housework

One of the hardest aspects of owning a home is maintaining the home. You’re responsible for the plumbing, the utilities, the wear and tear. And although our homes are responsible for critical memories (child’s first steps, birthday parties, etc.), they do wither with time. The costs continue to rise – and especially if your foundation cracks or starts to sink. Worse, many elders are taken advantage of by contractors who are hired to fix a toilet and suddenly the whole interior plumbing needs to be replaced.

With adult family homes, the housework is taken care of for you. Those frustrating chores are passed off to the nurses running the home.

5. Companionship

Returning home can be lonely as you age. A once happy, warm and welcoming home can become this dark, dreary, and dusty place. In some respects, it can become a prison. It can change from a place of love to a lonely place of memories.

Moving into an adult family home keeps your life engaging and entertaining. These homes often allow you to bring your own decorum into your room, but they don’t surround you with memories that make you sad, they inspire new memories. Plus, you’re living among your peers; people who have been in similar situations and experiences. It’s companionship!

When it comes to senior housing in the Pacific Northwest, adult family homes in Tacoma are an excellent choice for elders. They are better than living in your current home because they offer all the luxuries of your home and none of the responsibility!

If you’re interested in finding an adult family home in Tacoma then contact our senior advisors for assistance. We work 7 days a week and offer our services entirely for free.

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