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5 Ideas You Can Steal from Retirement Communities in Seattle

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Retirement communities in Seattle offer the least amount of elder care. These are communities for people that don’t want to maintain a home anymore, but can take care of themselves no problem.

Retirement homes (or independent living) is where people move when they want to ensure a carefree lifestyle. Many of these communities look like (and are) resorts with numerous events, activities, and trips. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you have all the freedom you could ask for.

Not everyone is ready to move though, so until then, here are some ideas you can steal from retirement communities in Seattle.

1. Visit with Friends

Remember when you were a kid and you’d go outside and hang out with your neighbors? Then, as you get older, you would bike or drive to your nearest friend’s house. Then, onto college, you make weekend trips, but then what happens?

Many people grow apart because they’ve been taken into different directions. Those bonds can be reinvigorated with Facebook, but it’s never really the same. After college, most people make friends from work or extra-curricular activities, i.e. if you regularly attend yoga or engage in volleyball tournaments, you’re bound to meet people.

With retirement communities, you have an immediate network of your peers. You don’t need to worry about your neighbors sharing the same interests, they’re of the same generation. They know those distanced transitions because they’ve been a part of them.

So take a lesson from retirement communities, go out and meet with friends nearby!

2. Dance Often

People fear dancing as much as they fear public speaking. But dancing is good for everything: your heart, your body, your soul. No, really. Dancing makes you laugh which is great for your health; it’s exercise, which is always good for the body; and it’s good for the mind since you memorize steps and move in tune to the beat.

In retirement communities, dancing is one of the most frequent activities on campus. It’s funny because most people associate retirement with Bingo, but it’s dancing that’s the most prominent.
So why wait to move to start dancing? Start today!

3. See the Sites

Independent living doesn’t give you a curfew or lock down the community. It’s a neighborhood of homes of your peers — and they’re responsible for the upkeep, not you. As a result, most residents go outside and explore.

Transitioning to a new home means you no longer have the same routine and many people want to do something familiar. As a result, they go out and do the things they love to do in the city, but with fresh eyes. Essentially, you can feel like the tourist in your own city! That’s the beauty of finding a retirement community in an area you’re familiar with.

So go outside and see the sites, smell the roses, make a trip to the zoo. I don’t want to tell you how many Seattlites haven’t been to the Space Needle!

4. Learn New Technology

It’s no surprise that there’s a growing divide between grandparents and their grandchildren. Younger generations are very in tune with the changing technology, leaving rotary phone users blowing in the wind.

However, in retirement communities, you have access to contemporary homes and computer labs. Why stop there? If you’ve been using a flip phone, upgrade to a smart phone. Connect with your grand kids by playing iOS games with them; and connect with them on Facebook.

Many retirement homes feature computer classes so you can use the internet as well as any 10-year-old, which is saying a lot considering how well 10yo use computers.

5. Upgrade Your Home

We’ve all undergone the trials of maintaining a home. You want to make things last for as long as humanly possible, so what do you do? You protect your tables from water rings; you dust your home for the television; you apply oil to door hinges and cupboards.

At certain point however, no matter how well you maintain something, eventually the cost of repair will be more than it costs to simply buy something new. In many ways, that’s what a retirement home does. Your home is simply not worth the cost and hassle of maintaining, so you upgrade.

Take a lesson from retirement homes and if something is broken and costs more to salvage, buy something new. You are not an historic artifact, you are a growing, adapting human being. Adapt and keep your life fresh.

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