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Expertise for Seniors, Families, Healthcare Professionals & Payers

Our Physicians Advisory Board features a panel of medical professionals who support our certified Advisors by providing invaluable insights and expertise in senior care and living solutions. The result is a more comprehensive set of services for families and professional healthcare workers.

With the help of our Physician Advisory Board, we can ensure that our senior care and transition services maintain the quality and expertise that Concierge Care Advisors are known and celebrated for.

For more information on how we can benefit you or your loved ones, please contact Concierge Care Advisors today.

How Concierge Care Advisors Serves You

Whether you’re searching for senior living options in bustling cities, serene suburbs, or rural communities, Concierge Care Advisors is here to support you.

We work with a vast network of senior living communities to find the right fit and provide support throughout the entire process.

Find the Right Care Solutions

Our Board’s deep understanding of medical intricacies and the nuances of senior living provides a unique, comprehensive and enhanced perspective not found elsewhere, that can significantly benefit individuals, families, professionals and even insurance companies. 

By using our services, you will be tapping into our combined wealth of knowledge. You can gain peace of mind knowing that the care solutions recommended are not only well thought out, but follow our well recognized best practices and tailored to fit the individual lifestyles and preferences of those you care for.

In its partnership with Concierge Care Advisors, our Physician Advisory Board can enhance the placement process for seniors and families by:

  • Ensuring seniors’ expected needs are addressed in the chosen community
  • Providing peace of mind by considering current and future senior living requirements
  • Offering personalized recommendations that align with lifestyle and social preferences
  • Minimizing stress and uncertainty during transition to care environments

Our Physician Advisory Board in partnership with Concierge Care Advisors, supports assisted living communities by:

  • Improving resident satisfaction and outcomes through appropriate placements.
  • Increasing occupancy rates and generating positive word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Enhancing the community’s reputation and bottom line.

For hospitalists, our Board provides:

  • Supports Advisors with advice regarding optimal care for elderly patients.
  • Smoother transitions of care and reduced workload.
  • Enhanced ability to avoid unnecessary readmissions.

Our Physician Advisory Board’s training of Advisors, assists hospital discharge managers and social workers by:

  • Streamlining the discharge process and improving patient outcomes.
  • Reducing the risk of hospital readmissions with appropriate care recommendations.
  • Alleviating the burden on hospital staff with comprehensive care and transition solutions.
  • Improving patient satisfaction, reducing lengths of stay, and optimizing healthcare resources.

To hospitals and medical directors, Concierge Care Advisors services offers:

  • Expertise in optimizing patient care transitions.
  • Assistance in meeting quality metrics and regulatory requirements for care coordination and discharge planning.
  • Improved patient outcomes through appropriate care settings.

For hospital executives, Concierge Care Advisors in partnership with the Physicians Advisory board emphasizes:

  • Financial benefits through reduced lengths of stay and decreased readmission rates.
  • Optimized resource utilization and improved patient outcomes.
  • Enhanced hospital reputation and competitiveness.

To payers, Concierge Care Advisors provides for:

  • Better health outcomes and cost savings through appropriate care recommendations.
  • Reduced healthcare expenditures by avoiding unnecessary hospital readmissions.
  • Comprehensive care that optimizes coordination and addresses social determinants of health.

For ACOs, our Care and Transition services:

  • Improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.
  • Efficient transitions of care and enhanced patient well-being.
  • Alignment with goals of delivering high-quality, coordinated care.

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If you have any questions or want to learn more about how our Physician Advisory Board can assist you or your loved ones, please get in touch with Concierge Care Advisors today. 

We’re here to provide the guidance and support you need to make informed decisions about senior care and living solutions.

*Although the Physician Advisory Board members provide expertise and advice to the concierge professionals, they do not offer individuals medical advice to families or seniors*

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